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Within a 30-minute drive of The Speckled Trout B&B, you have a number of great streams, including the South River, Mossy Creek, St. Mary’s River, and numerous brook trout streams within Shenandoah National Park. Check out the Shenandoah Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited website for a full listing and directions to some of our great area streams. In the mountains surrounding the Shenandoah Valley you will find over 2,350 miles of wild trout water to keep you busy for some time!

South River Fly Shop

12/5/11 We had a day without a booking, so a little fishing on Mossy seemed to be in order. Conditions were fine, with the water up a little over normal flows. Blue Winged Olives were the primary hatch, starting around 1pm. I had the best luck with CDC Emergers and CD Comparaduns in sizes 18 & 20. Soft-hackles, swung quartering downstream, produced the most fish.

With the onset of winter, the weeds along the banks are dying back, but this is a two-edged sword. A lot less to tangle your line on, but the fish have a better view of you. If you decide to go to Mossy Creek, be sure to plan ahead and either stop in at the Verona DGIF office or mail in to receive your annual permit.

11/29/11 South River SRA: BWO’s rule the fly box this time of year. Right now, 16 & 18 are the must have sizes in nymphs, emergers and dries. I fished Sunday for a few hours and brought in plenty of browns on a CDC Foam Back Emerger and a CDC Biot Comparadun, both in size 18. Midges are also active, grays and blacks in 20 and 22. Try a Suspender Midge or an ICSI for good action. The upper 3/4 of the SRA will be fishing well after the recent rains, but the lower 25% is high, below the confluence of Back Creek. Remember, you can get your South River Special Regs Area permit at South River Fly Shop and it’s free.

South River DH: Reports of good fish moving up through the Rife-Loth dam locale have answered the question of how the fish would respond to the dam’s removal. It’s always amazing to me to see how quickly a river’s flow will return to it’s proper course once a dam is removed. There have been comments on the number of fish stocked in this section in October and Paul Bugas of the VaDGIF reported that the poundage of fish was the same as previous years, but that the average size was larger. These are 12-15″ fish and you don’t get as many in a 100lb quantity. Fishing has been good downtown, but the rains have the level up to 318cfs as of this morning and it will probably continue to rise throughout the day. My recommendation is to focus on the SRA in Lyndhurst for the next few days.

Mountain Brook Trout Streams: Water levels are good and that means we should have a successful spawn again this year. We advise not fishing these streams until February, to give the Brookies the best chance to spawn. Like a lot of local fly fishers, I truly love mountain fishing, but a little self-restraint will go a long way towards a great fishing year next year.


Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Shop:


James and Shenandoah River

We will post when we think river levels will be suitable for floating again. Right now levels are rising well past last weeks minor flooding. It may be 10 days before we can head back out on the bigger rivers.

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

Blown out. Cold nasty weather and a ton of rain… will be a week or so before things normalize. Here comes the cabin fever….Tie up some flies for next spring or stop by our fly tying Saturday mornings from 10-12.

Spring Creeks

For most folks we are just recommending staying home. Beaver, Smith, and Mossy are running high and discolored. Susie Q is way up and muddy. Mossy will be safe to fish with big streamers in a day or 2 if you don’t mind some really soggy cold damp weather.

Managed Trout Water

Stay home and tie flies…..the 10 day forecast is looking decent as long as we get some relief from all the rain. Hopefully we will be back on the water mid next week.



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